June 8, 2011

The Poor Person

Bismillahir rahmaanir rahiim...

The Prophet Muhammad saw asked, 
"Do you know who is the poor person?" 

The listeners replied: "O Messenger of Allah, the poor amongst us is the one who does not have any money or property." 

The Prophet Muhammad saw replied: "The poor in my ummah (nation) is the person who will come on the Day of Resurrection backed with prayers, fasting, zakat (obligatory charity), and hajj, but also with a number of injustices to others, such as: abusing this one, taking the property of that one, slandering one, hitting another, or shedding the blood of someone else. 

Thereafter, his good deeds will be taken one after one and given to this person or that person who were wronged by him. If his good deeds have been exhausted before his wrong deeds are all settled, some of the evil deeds of the wronged persons will be allocated to him, and he (left with no more reward but sins) will be thrown into the Fire." 

(Narrated by Muslim and Tirmidzi)

Stop hurting!
~towards His love~

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